Go to market

Bräuner a/s Nordic ”one point of contact”
We work via our concept:  ”Strategic Sales Management” We lead the strategic work and align resources and priorities. The quality assurance is delivered via ongoing business reporting tailor-made to the single principal.
Distributor concept

“Handling a complex and fractured 4 country business best in class via the FMCG specialist Bräuner A/S Nordic organization”. We are operating in all 4 Nordic countries, where we manage pan Nordic and local FMCG categories for principals who want a true Nordic operation within Home- and Personal care products. If our principals want to launch a new product or to further build an existing brand portfolio, we are the experts. Our HQ Team of experienced managers builds and creates solutions the live up to the expectations short- and long-term. We offer one invoice – one voice – one payment – one trade fund – one going contact in a cost efficient way. We connect the work with the local expertise. We are the head, arm and legs for our principals in Nordic.




Drive sales and results behind TQ organizational capabilities pan Nordic “True Nordic Operation” with Nordic synergies and local power Central Nordic HQ management combined with local operation

  • Central warehouse capabilities and cost efficient replenishment systems /OSB +Forecast systems
  • Nordic OSB – one invoice – one payment – one trade fund
  • Nordic administration
  • Nordic trade marketing plans
  • Nordic and local market understandings
  • Leverage local knowledge and power that create additional value
  • Right HQ and retail coverage in all countries

 Bräuner Nordic Partners - Nine unique benefits

  1. 100 % organizing around the customer opportunities
  2. Understanding core responsibilities & roles between Nordic & Local organizations.
  3. Build ongoing relationships, cooperation and deep understanding of local customers across all levels and functions.
  4. Define, align and implement joint annual plans with customers and build sales & optimize logistics.
  5. Have clear sales fundamentals (pricing, distribution, shelving, promotion) strategies through to customer channels in cost effective way and including GAB opportunities.
  6. Get outstanding customer support behind the brand initiatives.
  7. Ensure efficiency of promotion & features spend. Have cost efficient replenishment system from supply to shelf that is a competitive edge.
  8. Have Forecast, Order, Shipping and Billings systems and processes.
  9. Key Indicators/Measures are Sales Fundamentals vs. completion/objectives, net sales growth, cost levels, perfect orders & availability and customer feedbacks.